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A new shaker, sweeper or harvester won’t improve your bottom line if you don’t know where your loads or trailers are at any given time — or if the processor’s delivery sheets don’t match up with your actual harvest.

Conservis has prepared a free downloadable report explaining how almond, pecan, pistachio, walnut and other permanent crop growers can:

  • Optimize land or equipment purchases with up-to-minute insights on an orchard’s bottom line
  • Better coordinate harvest crews and equipment and react as conditions change
  • Monitor trailer delivery status in real time with vehicle ID and registration
  • Eliminate loss due to mis-assigned loads, missing tickets or theft
  • Better track loads by contract haulers
  • Reconcile deliveries between hullers/shellers and processors
  • Share accurate orchard harvest reports with landowners or other stakeholders

Before you invest vital capital in additional harvest machinery, make sure your orchard is set up to efficiently deploy it. Download the free report below on ag management for permanent crops:

White_Paper_Image_Perm Crop EFM Download

Download Report: Enterprise Farm Management for Permanent Crops

See how Enterprise Farm Management gives you a systematic approach to empowering business decisions on the farm.

We were able to have a real-time view of the status of our loads during harvest, saving us valuable time and improving our production and communication efficiencies.
— Blake Davis, Farm Manager at Pacific Gold Agriculture, LLC
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