Production and Work Orders

Actionable insight to maximize worker productivity, monitor inputs, and
ensure compliance

Keep a firm grasp on production activities as they happen and give hours back to your field staff. With Conservis, you can easily turn plans into work orders to keep crews productive and reduce communication errors. Manage reporting and compliance efforts in a fraction of the time with all your activities tracked in one place.

Using Conservis's Production and Work Order module, we can better direct our spray crews and confirm actual adherence to the recommendations made to ensure compliance.
— Mike Brensel, PCA at Pacific Gold Agriculture, LLC


Manage from anywhere in real time

Simplify how work gets done, from the manager to the
field worker

• Monitor status of activities as they are completed
• Adjust as conditions change and keep crews informed
• Accurately communicate field activities to avoid errors

Be more efficient

Optimize labor, equipment, and resources

• Communicate schedule changes and maximize labor efficiency
• Share work orders to align all resources and minimize variance
• Monitor inputs, equipment, and labor costs by block and variety
• Track equipment costs to inform future buying/ leasing decisions



Strengthen relationships with stakeholders

Be proactive by providing real-time progress and
financial updates

• Generate timely reports, summary or block-level
• Simply allocate and communicate costs between owners and investors
• Provide documentation to support regulatory reporting and crop insurance

Build value with your data

Turn knowledge into greater profitability year after year

• Leverage historic cost and activity data to benchmark operations
• Transfer operational knowledge as personnel changes
• Improve traceability with a clean audit trail


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