planning and budgeting

Planning and Budgeting

Actionable insight to plan for profit in any market condition

Conservis Planning & Budgeting helps you create operating and financial plans based on accurate numbers, then use those plans to align resources and drive your business forward. Our solution makes it easier to spot issues quickly, reconcile your actuals against budgets, and deal more confidently with bankers and investors.

Having a Planning and Budgeting module like Conservis's that is integrated with the entire platform, provides a level of integrity and control that support our traceability and sustainability goals.

— Brody Blain, Managing Principal at Pacific Gold Agriculture, LLC


Plan for profit

Create detailed orchard plans based on accurate, block-level information, not averages

• Compare orchard plans optimized for different growing conditions
• Create operating plans to understand margins at the block and variety level
• View projected margins and optimize your cost per unit of production

Deal confidently with stakeholders

Communicate real-time numbers with bankers, landowners, and investors

• Have detailed plans to secure working capital more easily
• Reduce borrowing costs by better managing lines of credit
• Communicate plans and progress with stakeholders



Make informed decisions

Leverage financial insight to make the right moves

• Know costs of production and break-even position without guesswork
• Forecast cash requirements and improve cash management
• Highlight and manage variances to the plan as they happen
• Lock in gains in an uncertain market

Improve margins

Make every penny count with insight into costs and resource needs

• Easily view costs for labor, inputs, equipment, services and land
• Optimize the timing and quantity of purchases
• Adjust plans to efficiently manage labor and equipment



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