Reduce Risk & Maximize Your Agriculture Investments

Transparency is critical to profitability today and stewardship tomorrow.

With Conservis, funders, boards and management have real-time visibility into activities, expenditures and on-farm production in one enterprise-wide system. Conservis provides tools for financial oversight, best practices, and performance against benchmarks.

Headline Risk

From chemical usage to irrigation management, what happens on the farm can wreak havoc on your reputation – integrity and compliance are essential.  With Conservis, you may access records instantly should disaster strike, so you know what you have to deal with.  Bad news spreads instantly and your reputation may rest on how fast you can fact-check and react with confidence, with press, investors and agencies.

Protecting Long-term Value

Farms are niche assets and require careful expert management to retain value.  Healthy soil has the ability to perform or change over time based on human use and management.  Soil is a living organism, it is stressed by overuse of one input in order to reach the maximum crop yield potential. With Conservis, investors can have records of both productivity and inputs, season after season, to monitor health with history if needed when the asset is sold.

Performance Benchmarking & Growth

With Conservis, organizations have accurate data for financial analysis, decision making and growth. Inventories, purchases, yields and distribution are recorded automatically making it easy to compare operational performance, manage against targets and establish best practices. Acquisitions can be added to the system making consistency across farms easy.




The New Norm for Investing in Agriculture

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