Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Conservis?

Conservis is farm business software which provides growers with real-time data collection and reporting services.  Smart phones and tablets provide field-based data access, route that data to cloud-based software, which offers real-time reports from any location.  


How long has Conservis been in business?

Conservis started when a group of four farmers asked our founders for help with workflow management.  That was seven years ago. Today we are in 30 states and in three countries.  We have worked side-by-side with farmers to create software that matches their workflows.


Will Conservis help me with my crop insurance reports?

Information loaded in management and analytical reports may easily be shared with partners, banks, landlords/owners and crop insurance companies.  The RMA accepts modern record keeping practices like Conservis. Learn more here


What do you offer?

We replace paper tickets and spreadsheets resulting in:

  • Less paperwork
  • More accurate records
  • Real-time information and reports


Why is this important (real-time records and activity reports)?

Operations are more complex than ever:  multiple owners, leased and crop-shared land, complex agronomy, greater demand for accountability….. to be a good farmer you have to be a good businessperson and good business people need accurate and timely information to better manage their operations.

“I couldn’t manage my operation without Conservis . . . it is too hard to keep track of everything going on.”

“I can look at the information on my iPad in my pickup and hop on a radio to send a driver to another field…knowing the data lets me make decisions on the go…. usually this is something that requires me to sit at a desk for a couple of weeks before harvest.”

“I love Conservis.  I’m sitting on my couch watching the harvest come in!”


Aren’t most operations pretty accurate? 

Conservis takes the human error out of the operation.  Information is recorded electronically, so it is timely and correct, offering an easy way to record activities in the field.  This gives the farmer information to act on and is important when there is lots happening in an operation, like multiple deliveries prior to planting, and harvest and trucking logistics.

A customer in Texas got a $25,000 check from their elevator due to inaccurate moisture dockage.  Half-way through harvest he realized — because he had Conservis — he had been mischarged.  The operator realized they had the wrong dockage factor, not just for him but for everyone else up to that point.   In the past they would receive settlements and asked no questions, now he was able to have actionable insight.

In Iowa, a customer discovered he had been billed for a 10 tote order to ship with 45 units of seed/tote, instead of the 50 units originally ordered.  Using Conservis, he reconciled the delivery with the invoices in a timely manner, getting a sizable credit.


What paperwork is replaced? 

In 2013, over 100,000 paper tickets were replaced by our system.  And those paper tickets were automatically beamed to the cloud and downloaded into reports in real-time.  And that means less time spent on routine paper work:

“Over the course of about eight years, we came up with a number of decent spreadsheets to track the people, inputs and equipment used in a field operation. But again, we would come in at night and have to sit down and enter all of that information into the computer. We wanted to be able to manage more in real-time rather than always trying to play catch-up.  It was also a stand-alone system, so sharing critical data with trusted advisers or collaborating in certain areas hit a wall.”

“Now that my record-keeping is fully automated my focus has shifted from collecting paperwork to production analysis and management.  I have more time to focus on managing our growing operation.”


Is it expensive, how is it priced? 

Some say it is priceless!  Based on a specific service, it is a penny or less per bushel.  There is a one-time set-up, implementation, and training fee – everything to get started – and an annual subscription based on acreage. The system includes all upgrades, extended support hours, and pro-active phone consultation.


What is so great about the cloud?  Isn’t it just as easy to store information on a computer?

The cloud makes real-time management possible. You don’t need to manually record tickets or enter data into spreadsheets.  Your data is backed up automatically – you control who has access to what information.

“I can improve my logistics and therefore my efficiencies, by monitoring production with my iPad from the combine, or anywhere else.  It has shortened the time for decision-making and helped make us a more productive operation.”


Does it take a lot of time and help to set up and manage?

Conservis starts with a one hour set-up session.  We’ll set up the farm profile, help input key information and transfer important records and data.  Training is on-site, tailored to each farm, workflow and experience levels.  Then we work with farmers so data is entered correctly – we check in regularly to make sure things are running smoothly.

“Conservis is a great program.  It does take commitment, you have to be disciplined to make the entries and do the work — like entering deliveries.  Conservis told us they would not let us fail!  They haven’t.  Last year at this time I was ready to hire someone to help me with the operation but with Conservis, we hired an entire team!”


Where is my information stored – is it in a safe place?

First, your information is backed up so if your computer crashes, or you lose your tablet your data is safe.  Second, we use one of the top three cloud-based hosting providers; data is backed up regularly at a secured location.