How to Face Dramatic Change on the Farm

Surging Demand

Surging Demand for Water, Land & Production

Greater need for traceability and accountability of resource usage; demand for land and greater productivity all mean a farmer must be competitive and have the business tools to succeed.

New Generation FarmersNext Generation of Farmers

To keep the next generation on the farm it helps to provide tools that leverage capabilities they are accustomed to using. The “Facebook” generation has different expectations of the ways you can take advantage of mobile technology.

Farming ConsolidationGrowth through Consolidation

Larger operations are more complex — often composed of fields that are many miles apart.  Expanding logistics makes it harder to keep a handle on a widely dispersed operation — complicated by multiple crops, multiple owners, and employees.  With all this occurring you need the confidence to ensure you know what is happening, as it happens.

Farm EfficiencyGrowing needs for Efficiencies and Accountability

You are accountable to bankers, multiple partners, and landlords; Markets are bumpy and it is a continual challenge to make money.  It is critical to know the cost to produce your yields, and to be able to share that insight with others.

Modern TechnologyAccess to Modern Technology

Now you can use what other businesses have used to make better, more timely decisions; cloud technology, smart phones and tablets.  With technology expanding on your farm, we will help you bring it all together.

Disconnected InformationMany Disconnected Silos of Information

Paper tickets, scale printouts, handwritten records, spreadsheets not connected all make view of business, and decision-making difficult.  From cab monitors to irrigation data, who is bringing it all together for you?