File Crop Insurance Claims Easier & Get Paid Faster

Farmers and agents now have an efficient paperless process that creates faster, more accurate and more efficient reporting.

Conservis has created an integrated approach that streamlines the process by which farmers report to their crop insurance agents, automating Production Reports, APH Reviews and Claim Support. Conservis also carefully watches RMA requirements to stay abreast of compliance changes and new standards in key RMA policy documents.

Less Paperwork. Fewer Delays. 

Conservis allows farmers to track their farm activities precisely at the field level. By leveraging the Conservis farm management platform, farmers can:

  • Spend less time searching for old tickets and manually entering them
  • Quickly export production information from Conservis
  • Submit accurate production documentation to your insurance adjuster
  • Get paid for claims faster

How Conservis makes the process easier

  • Aggregated farm, elevator and crop insurance policy data in a central location you can access from anywhere
  • Connects Crop Insurance Units, Legal Description, Insured Names, and FSA Numbers with field production records
  • Reports field production the way farmers want to track it and meets RMA requirements

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Crop Insurance Process

See how customers are using Conservis to handle crop insurance

Joel Mathiowetz

“Manually entering yield data from carts, trucks, storage bins and elevators into a report my agent accepts was tedious and time-consuming.” said Joel Mathiowetz, a 5th generation farmer from Morgan, MN. “Now that information is automatically generated and allows for faster settlement checks. You have no idea how much time and energy Conservis saves me.”

“When you reconcile the Settlement report detail against the Conservis report, there were zero errors,” said Nick Frey, WCI Family Farms. “When an insurance auditor does this comparison and immediately sees the accuracy in the data, they trust the Conservis digital report. We used to have a shoe-box full of tickets and papers, now my data is accessible, real-time, accurate and trusted.”

Nick Frey Farmer