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A common standard for agriculture management and investment.

As pensions, foundations and endowments look for ways to add agriculture investments to their portfolios, transparency at the farm level is critical. To invest confidently in this space, institutions need reliable insight into activities and decisions happening in the field so they can bring that insight to the boardroom.

Conservis closes the information gap. With a core operating system for the collection and analysis of farm-level data, stakeholders up and down the investment chain have a true picture of the productivity, stewardship, and value of their assets.

In today’s world, Ag Management Groups that are not using the latest tools to manage risk and drive transparency down to the farm and field level quickly will find themselves at a competitive disadvantage.
— David Gray, former Managing Partner at El Tejar


Know what’s happening on the ground.

With comprehensive enterprise and field level reporting, Conservis provides the transparency investors require to monitor compliance, drive efficiencies, and keep stakeholders informed.



More productive and profitable assets.

Conservis improves how growers plan, forecast and make operating decisions across their enterprise. Better operational practices at the farm level leads to better portfolio returns.

Enforce consistency on the largest scale.

By enabling consistent, efficient data collection across widely dispersed assets, Conservis helps investors compare performance, manage against benchmarks, and enforce best practices.



Monitor headline risk.

Conservis mitigates the risk of bad news on the farm by helping growers implement environmental management standards and ensure compliance across their organization.

Protect and grow value.

With Conservis, investors have a lifetime record of activities and productivity farm by farm and season after season. That record is proof of good stewardship today and down the road.



Accelerate due diligence.

Conservis is setting the global standard for operational and informational integrity. As institutions demand more and better information, we shorten the path to achieving due diligence and investor confidence.

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