Reduce guesswork. Manage smarter.

Conservis helps you keep accurate field-by-field records. By replacing paper tickets, you can track and share accurate information immediately.

With all this data comes great insight and power. How will you use it?

Farm Management Across Devices

Better data. Better decisions.

Farmers have exclusive access to their individual cloud-based database for a reliable, real-time view of farm operations via any browser — phones, laptops or tablets.  The information can be shared with select partners and is backed up in the cloud. If computers crash, or tablets are lost, information is safe and secure.

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One system for your farm.

Conservis expertly matches the farming workflow by tracking field activities, recording inputs, managing inventories and yields for accurate analysis of cost/acre, and yield/acre from planting through storage.

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Field Activities
Inventory Status
Crop Storage

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Activity Status
Detect Problems
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Find Insight

Conservis delivers results.

Be More Productive

  • Make it easier to complete tedious and time-consuming tasks.
  • Replace paper and spreadsheets.
  • Share information easily, track by owner and farm.

Manage with Less Guesswork & Improve Profitability

  • Capture logistics and true cost of production, like cost/yield, cost/bushel.
  • Remove human error with accurate electronic-based records.
  • Compare results year to year, to see what worked, and to plan future spending.

Protect Your Information

  • Your information is secure, even if you lose your device or your computer crashes.
  • No backups are necessary; all information is stored in the cloud.
  • Conservis is independent, your individual information is never sold or shared.

Plus, if you need to file a crop insurance claim, Conservis has you covered.

See if Conservis is right for your farm.

Call Kevin at 612-424-6644 to see if Conservis is right for your farm. 

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“Now that my record-keeping is fully automated my focus has shifted from collecting paperwork to production analysis and management. I have more time to focus on our managing our growing operation.”

~ Frank, farmer in Illinois